Wes Angel, M.D.

angelWes Angel, M.D.

Wes Angel, M.D. joined Memphis Radiological P.C. in 2015. Dr. Angel received an undergraduate degree from Georgia Institute of Technology. He earned his medical degree from University of Tennessee Health Science Center and completed his residency in Diagnostic Radiology at University of Tennessee, Memphis. He completed his fellowship in Interventional Radiology at Emory.




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Biopsies: Changing Roles of Radiologists and Other Specialists from 1991 –

2012.” Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL.

Accepted pending publication in the JVIR. Presented at RSNA 2014.


Angel WA, Liaw K, Parikh S. “Efficacy of State Level Tort Reform: An Analysis of         April 2014

Tennessee Malpractice Claims Data.” American College of Radiology Annual

Meeting and Chapter Leadership Conference. Washington, DC. April 26-30,


Presented at AMCLC 2014


Angel WA, Laxton, WH. “Comparison of Malpractice Claims: Geographic                                   Feb 2014

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Annual Meeting. Nashville, TN. February 8, 2014.

Presented at Annual Research Symposium


Angel WA, Osborn S. “What to Expect When You’re Expecting Health Care Policy        March 2013

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Presented at Annual Research Symposium


Angel WA, Angel JD, Shankar S. “Mesenteric Ischemia: Uncommon Imaging                    Feb 2013

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2013 Feb; 7(2):38-43.


Angel WA. “A Primer on the Affordable Care Act and Its Impact to Radiology.”             March 2012

American College of Radiology. March 2012.



Published to ACR’s website.


Angel WA, Laxton WH, Hadley JL. “Acute Myocardial Infarction on Non-gated             Nov 2010

CT in Trauma Patient.” Memphis Radiologic Society Annual Meeting. Memphis,

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Presented at Memphis Roentgen Society Annual Meeting


Angel WA, Klausmeier CA. “Nonlinear System Complexity and Community                   July 2005

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NSF Research Symposium, Georgia Institute of Technology


Angel WA. “Stability of Nonlinear Pelalgic Foodwebs.” Georgia Institute of                    March 2005

Technology Biology Senior Seminar. Atlanta, GA. March 2005

Presented at Biology Senior Seminar.

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