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Breast Imaging
These radiologists are highly skilled in the diagnosis of all aspects of breast disease. Through screening mammography, these experienced observers are intent on identifying breast cancer in its earliest stages. Breast imaging physicians direct and interpret the further evaluation of mammographically or clinically suspicious lesions with additional x-ray studies, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). When appropriate, they perform a variety of minimally invasive biopsy procedures to complete the diagnostic evaluation of suspicious breast lesions with the greatest degree of patient comfort and safety, eliminating the need for surgery for benign lesions. The breast imaging radiologists work closely with their surgery, oncology, and pathology colleagues to provide cohesive patient care.

MRPC is dedicated to raising the bar of excellence in women’s health, offering women access to one-stop quality healthcare. MRPC is committed to offering outstanding physician leadership and clinical innovation while maintaining the compassion necessary to treat the mind, body and spirit of a woman.

Recognized as one of the top centers for women’s healthcare, our centers are carefully designed to offer women the quality of care they expect, the comfort and concern they desire, and an atmosphere of healing from the moment they enter. The environment is relaxing and comfortable, and according to our patients, reduces anxiety.

What is a mammogram?
A mammogram is a low-dose X-ray exam of the breast that radiologists use to look for potential signs of breast cancer, even before they can be felt by a breast exam. These signs can be tumors, small clusters of calcium (microcalcifications), or changes in the skin.

Screening mammography is for women who do not have breast symptoms such as a lump, skin changes, or nipple discharge. If you have any new breast symptoms, contact your doctor for an examination. This workup will likely include a diagnostic mammogram and possibly breast ultrasound.

Our breast centers all offer screening mammography. Our diagnostic workups are performed at the Midtown Diagnostic Center on Union and at the Methodist Comprehensive Breast Center on Germantown Rd. in Germantown.

What is computer-assisted detection (CAD)?
Memphis Radiological PC believes in utilizing the best technology for our patients. All mammograms are read by radiologists who specialize in breast imaging, with the assistance of computer-assisted detection (CAD). In CAD, computer software analyzes the images and highlights areas of concern that should be looked at further. This “second-look” technology highlights areas that the radiologist then reviews prior to the final interpretation of the mammogram.

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