PQRS Measures 2016

2016 PQRS: Individual Measures

Measure 145: Fluoro Exposure Time Reporting Document radiation exposure indices or exposure time AND number of images.  Cine loop counts as one image.  If no images were obtained, state no images were obtained.
Measure 436:  Radiation Consideration for Adult CT “All CT scans at this facility used dose modulation, iterative reconstruction, and/or weight-based dosing when appropriate to reduce radiation dose to as low as reasonably achievable.
Measure 225: Reminder system for Screening Mammograms, a Medical Performance Exclusion has been added Indicate in your report that the patient was not entered into a reminder system due to a medical reason (e.g. the patient has a limited life expectancy).
Measure 76:  CVC Insertion Protocol (Sterile Barrier) Central venous catheter (CVC) was inserted with all elements of maximal sterile barrier technique, hand hygiene, skin preparation and, if ultrasound is used, sterile ultrasound techniques followed Definitions: Maximal Sterile Barrier Technique – includes all of the following elements: Cap AND mask AND sterile gown AND sterile gloves AND sterile full body drape. Sterile Ultrasound Techniques – require sterile gel and sterile probe covers.
Measure 146: Screening Mammography Document BI-RADS 0-6
Measure 147: Bone Scan Correlation Document prior studies.  Must say compared to a specific date or there are no studies to compare.  You can no longer state, “comparison: none”
Measure 195: Stenosis Measurement in Carotid Imaging Reports

Procedures to Include Measurement:

Carotid Angio

MRA Neck w/o

MRA Neck w/wo

MRA Neck w/

CTA Neck w/wo

Carotid US (Bilat and Unilat)

Include reference to distal internal carotid diameter (ie NASCET).  Ex: “Severe left ICA stenosis of 70-80% by NASCET criteria” OR “Severe stenosis of 70-80% validated velocity measurements with angiographic measurements, velocity criteria are extrapolated from diameter data as defined by the Society of Radiologists in Ultrsound Consensus Conference Radiology 2003; 229;340-346”


“NASCET measuring was not required for this procedure” (if looking for vasospasm)

Measure 130: Documentation of Current Medications in the Medical Record For E&M reports, document all prescriptions, over the-counters, herbals, and nutritional supplements and include name, dosage, frequency and route of administration.
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